The purpose of this website

Sovereign Abilities is a metaphysical community. We have 3 levels of members: Members (readers, commenters newsletter subscribers), Contributing Author (members that write a post about an experience or in other ways contribute to the website). Author (people with published books, podcasts, etc.).

The website is a place where people can come, and join, and read about all things metaphysical. We encourage all members to write and share their metaphysical experiences. We offer ways to involve our readers through lessons and meditations to keep them coming back. Our visitors want fresh material to read and this is what makes them come back to revisit our website to read the new posts. Most other metaphysical websites repost the same posts all over the Internet. We are unique in that the majority of our content is original. Readers really like the fresh content that goes on the website every week.

It’s also a website for published authors of books, videos, podcasts and more. You likely know how hard it is to sell books sometimes and get your book “out there” so people can see it. When an author joins our website, I write an introduction post to our readers to introduce the author and their books. After that it’s really up to each author on what they want to do. We are getting more visitors to our website every day. The reason they are coming is because of all the posts we have written about all things metaphysical. People want to come and read. They can relate to these experiences and they can even write about them to be included on our website and they can get help and advice from our incredible team of brilliant and experienced authors!

Our visitors love to read articles by published authors. I have designed an author’s box that goes at the bottom of every post with all the author’s website info and links to buy author’s books, visit your website, or watch your video or podcast. When you write a post for our website our readers will be able to see your links right from your post. Posts don’t have to be long and must be about the metaphysical realm (there’s lots to write there). When an author writes a post we usually get hundreds of visitors reading that very post. If the reader likes your post, they will visit your links, in your author’s box, right from your posts.

Our content is mostly all original on the website. It’s okay to publish an older article that you wrote if you write a new introduction. Sometimes those older articles are too good not to use but mostly new content is what brings readers to the website, and those readers buy books! You can use your own non-copyrighted pictures on your posts, or I can supply pictures. I usually get mine from because the pictures are free and non-copyrighted on that website. You can submit a post right from your dashboard on the website or you can email a word doc with your images and I will get the post online. Either way is perfect. Your posts sell your materials. We have a nice sized audience of readers and the potential for sales is enormous but people have to be drawn in by reading your posts. So, your posts will sell your books and other materials. Reposting older videos and articles you have previously published on other websites will not bring in readers as much as new content. Content is king on the internet. Our readers have no doubt read your profiles and looked through your books already but they need a way to relate to you. We have all had incredible experiences that have happened to us along our path. There is so much to write about. 

We have Zoom setup and ready. When authors want to use the Zoom Room for teachings or lessons that is available. We can invite our audience and you can invite your own too. You could have potentially thousands of people attend your Zoom event. That can turn into many, many sales. Contact me if you want further details on hosting a Zoom even on Sovereign Abilities.

The website is still in its infancy so any suggestions or ideas from authors are very welcome. We have a newsletter that goes out every Friday that will include the new posts from our authors each week and those newsletters bring in many visitors to read your posts.

At this time there is no charge to sign-up and write as an author on our website. Authors signing up now will be free for life. Your posts help the website grow, our growth helps you sell books and materials. It’s a win for both of us. 

We have an amazing author group on our website and we continue to grow. The exciting part is that there is no telling where, we go together as one!

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