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What is Sovereign Abilities all about?

Sovereign Abilities was created to help advance our understanding of important transcendental experiences that provide spiritual growth. The website was developed to explore the fundamental nature of reality through the sharing of experiences, experiments, and knowledge gained through the exploration of consciousness in all its forms. Some people have incredible life changing experiences and knowledge that they would like to share with the world and some people are searching for knowledge.

Sovereign Abilities invites all readers to become writers/authors and share experiences, opinions, and knowledge about the metaphysical by writing and publishing original posts on Sovereign Abilities.

What are original posts?

Original posts are short articles that you write about experiences or knowledge that you believe our readers would be interested in. You can attach videos, audios and most all media to your post. Please browse through our website to see our posts. Authors/writers are setup with an author box containing their profile, website links, social media links, books for sale, and current posts. This helps authors sell their books and materials to our readers at no cost to the author, and provides a valuble link back to their information for search engine ranking. 

Can anyone post on Sovereign Abilities?

Yes, absolutely! Membership is free and we do require that you join, as a member, to post on Sovereign Abilities. If we are to understand the reality in which we live and why we came here, then it’s important to share transcendental experiences because they provide spiritual growth to others. Have you had a metaphysical experience? We encourage you to write a post about it. You do not need to be a published author or an experienced writer to write for SA. Anyone can post a real experience, knowledge and experiments into the metaphysical. You can use your real name or write under a pseudonym. There is no commitment. You can write a single post or become a regular author for Sovereign Abilities after joining as a member.

I’m a published author with my own materials. What are the advantages of joining Sovereign Abilities?

By joining as a member (membership is free) you can write original posts about subjects in the metaphysical area. Browse through our website to see what our writers and authors are writing about. Each author is setup on our website with a full author’s box that shares their biography, books, materials for sale, social media links, etc., with our readers. Our authors receive many sales from our readers and valuble links back to their materials providing excellent search engine ranking. It’s a win for our readers on Sovereign Abilities and you!

Does Sovereign Abilities offer advertising space?

Yes, we do offer advertising space. You do not need to write for Sovereign Abilities to buy ad space. Get in touch with us to learn more about advertising on Sovereign Abilities.

We invite you to journey through Sovereign Abilities as we connect to Universal Consciousness to Learn the Nature of Reality and our True Selves. We are excited that you are here!

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