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Vickie Acklin
Website Administrator, Writer, Healing Facilitator and a Lifetime Student of Consciousness currently living in Arkansas, USA
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Welcome to Sovereign Abilities. I created the website to help advance our understanding of important transcendental experiences that provide spiritual growth. The website was developed to explore the fundamental nature of reality through the sharing of experiences, experiments, and knowledge gained through the exploration of consciousness in all its forms. 

Although I created and maintain this website, it is not a website all about me. I invite all readers to become authors and share their own experiences, opinions and knowledge about all things in the metaphysical realm. I have taken classes and studies at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA (TMI). I took the, Gateway Voyage and then returned to TMI to study, Out of Body Advanced with William Buhlman. The institute was developed by Robert Monroe to study and teach about our natural ability to leave our physical body. We can explore, and we do this naturally, almost every time we sleep. TMI is a place setup for learning to go out of body consciously. Not while you sleep, but while you’re awake.

I am a level two QHHT hypnotist trained by Dolores Cannon shortly before her death. I used Dolores’ method because I could go straight to our Oversoul which is our connection to this Universe. There is so much to learn there. I could help people under hypnosis by allowing them to see their past lives so that they could better understand their current life. Connecting to the Universe along with another consciousness doing the same thing in the room is a powerful experience. We felt such an electric feeling in the room and in ourselves. Those sessions opened my subconscious and my intuition became even stronger as did the people that had the sessions with me. They experienced a lot of changes in their lives.

I came to know a very special man that was a Buddhist Guru in Texas. He had come from China as a young man and started a Buddhist temple. He had the ability of being very intuitive. When I walked into the room, he first rang a small brass bell to clear the room. Then he quickly began shuffling ordinary playing cards and told me many things about myself. He taught me to find my answers within myself and not to seek them elsewhere. I have been blessed by, The Dali Lama when he made his visit to the temple where I attended. I’m not Buddhist but I felt the need to study their ways at that time in my life. The temple was bright and colorful and filled with people. People made pilgrimages to see the Guru and he gave them his time seven days a week.

I have taken sound healing with Tom Kenyon and studied his work with the Hathors. Kenyon is the best sound healer on the planet. Through sound one can achieve deep states where answers can be found inside of each of us. I had an out of body experience while listening to a world meditation that Tom Kenyon gave through the Hathors. It was a visual lesson. I had been stumbling along trying to understand something and the meditation sent me right into the Universe where I experienced my lesson in full color. What Tom Kenyon gives to the world through the Hathors and his incredible voice is an experience I am honored to have had.

I came to this life already knowing other life existed off this planet. As an adult I had a full blown contact experience. I had a lifetime interest in ET’s but after my contact experience, I knew I needed to get a camera and take images and videos of spacecraft in our day and night skies so others could see what I knew was out there. I used a camera technique and intuitive photography to capture some interesting images and some beautiful craft. I got the knowing to do this kind of photography from my contact experience.

I lived close to a family of Sasquatch for five years that made me welcome. I am honored to know them and even though I no longer live close to them I still feel their connection.

It’s been a lifetime of learning, and I continue to learn every single day.

If asked what was the most important lesson that I have ever learned in my lifetime, it would be this; our bodies are just bodies. Our bodies are not who we really are. Inside of each of us there is an energy body. Our energy bodies are all knowing, eternal beings. Even though we don’t all remember that, it’s true. When our bodies physically die, we don’t even lose consciousness. We simply “blink” to a new reality, one we are very familiar with. What many have forgotten in this lifetime is that as an, All Knowing, Eternal Being, we are Sovereign. I have fully embraced that in myself. I am the sole owner of my body, my mind, and my energy. I am not ruled by the confinements of our physical life on earth. I choose to awaken all of my Sovereign Abilities!

~ Vickie

Definition of Sovereign 

Dictionary sov·er·eign/ˈsäv(ə)rən 1. a supreme ruler, especially a monarch. Similar: ruler monarch supreme, ruler crowned, head of state, lord adjective: possessing supreme or ultimate power.”in modern democracies the people’s will is in theory sovereign.

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