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I can only see my picture. I can’t see your pic, Vic.

Yes! I see both now.


Well at least you got a chance to take pictures. It rained here most the day. Good shot of a weather balloon though LOL


No because all I do is work! Hopefully I can give it a try in a few days.


I can’t believe I caught that saucer. I couldn’t see a thing up there. It’s so cool to absolutely know for myself that they are real! I’m not saying they weren’t real before this picture but now they are really real for me.

Wow, that is something, how cool. Now you know not everything is fake, it is possible to get authentic experiences, one just needs to try.


Pretty cool!


Cristal, thats a great picture! Was that the first time you tried or what? I can’t believe how good of a picture that is. It’s sure a saucer. Great job!

I’ve had to go on a trip for business but I was able to get a decent tripod. The last one was not good. I will be doing some pictures soon. Good job, Christal!


Vickie if that video you posted is a bug then it’s the fastest bug I’ve ever heard of. Slowed to 10% means it was moving fast! I think UFO and it looks like a UFO! Its like a triangle shape

Last edited 4 months ago by Cristal

Vickie I think it could be a bug. I’m not positive because how could a bug fly that fast? I guess it could be a UFO.

Vickie, I’m not sure what you got either. I’ve tried this method but I just don’t have the time right now. I’m going to try to get orbs because for me the orbs really come when I meditate. I’ll post some soon.

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