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Sovereign Abilities

Sovereign Abilities

Sovereign Abilities was created to help advance our understanding of important transcendental experiences that provide spiritual growth. The website was developed to explore the fundamental nature of reality through the sharing of experiences, experiments, and knowledge gained through the exploration of consciousness in all its forms. 

Although I created and maintain this website, it is not a website all about me. I invite all readers to become authors and share their own experiences, opinions and knowledge about all things in the metaphysical realm.

We invite you to journey through Sovereign Abilities. If you believe that you have had a metaphysical experience, or you have knowledge to share, we warmly encourage you to share your experience with us by writing a post for the website. You don’t have to join as a member to post on the website but we would love it if you did!

Join us as we connect to Universal Consciousness to Learn the Nature of Reality and our True Selves 

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