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See Color through Universal Consciousness

In this fast color quiz you will see colors using your connection to Universal Consciousness before you use your physical eyes.

In our physical bodies we believe that our eyes see images first when we look at something in our physical world this is not true. We first see through our conscious connection to all and our physical eyes get the picture last.  This quiz will allow you to see through your connection to all. 

· You will see the color first through your connection to consciousness
· Next the color impression will be given to your brain
· Lastly, your physical eyes will see the color

Take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed and make the intent to see through your connection to Universal Consciousness, then start. There are four color choices. Do not spend a long time concentrating on a color but do take the time you need to become still on the inside so you can see the color. You are using your intuitive connection to all. The very first color that comes into your thoughts is the one.

Slide your cursor in the box below to reveal the arrow. DO NOT press the arrow, DO NOT tap the screen, until you have your color choice in mind. You can only take this part of the quiz one time. Score tips are below the color slider when you are finished. 

» After you have completed the four color quiz below Click Here for Color Test Two

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4 correct – you are very connected to all there is!

3 correct – excellent conscious sight!

2 correct – you have a filter that you are working through. Filters are beliefs and filters make it more difficult to see clearly but you’ve done well.

1 to 0 correct – Your filters have blocked your sight. Are you having a hard time believing this conscious sight to be true? Research into this subject will help. You can download the color boxes used for this quiz, cut them out and try something else that will work; put on a blindfold and get someone to hold the color squares above your head one at a time. Perhaps having the color above your somatosensory cortex will work better for you.

Human Brain

The somatosensory cortex is a part of your brain that receives and processes sensory information. This part of the brain is essential for receiving sensory information and processing it to initiate important signals to the brain.