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By Vickie

Like many people I read all of Dolores Cannon’s books. She found so many interesting events through hypnosis that when she began offering classes to learn her method, I signed up. I took her courses and classes in 2014; the year Dolores left her physical body and moved across the veil. I have a level II certification in QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy).

I never went into practice but instead took Dolores’ certification just to learn her method and experience some of what she did with her subjects through hypnosis. I found hypnosis to be very useful and while I didn’t go into practice, I did a few sessions for people and I’ve placed a portion of two sessions below.

I used Dolores’ method along with my own ideas and did some exploring with a receptive family member. We went to past lives and lives between lives. We both learned a lot about ourselves and so much about our connection to the oversoul. The room was electric with energy when we were deep in our connection with the oversoul.

Here are a few partial sessions:

Ascension and The New Earth

Walking With Jesus

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