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Perceive Color through the Brain and Eyes

This visual test will allow you force color through your eyes

· Stare at the cross in the red box for at least 20 seconds
· Then quickly move your eyes to the grey box and look at the cross


Do you see another color in the grey box? This is because staring at a color makes your eyes go blind for a few seconds and you only see what the brain can understand. The physical brain and eyes are used to receiving images through your conscious connection to energy but it happens so quickly that you don’t notice it. This visual test confuses the brain so it takes even longer to actually perceive the grey box.

Light Blue
Most people see light blue for a few seconds before the brain and eyes finally get the message to see the grey box.

Light Green
Some people see light green before perceiving the grey box.

You see everything through your connection to consciousness. It happens so quickly that you may think your eyes are seeing what’s before you first. You have powerful energy fields above your head in the area of your brain called the, somatosensory cortex. This sensory part of your brain takes the images you see through your energy field and acts like a computer. It sends the energy impulses through your brain and into your body so that finally, your eyes can see what’s before them. This same area in your brain will help you to connect to the all there is; Universal Consciousness at anytime and the possibilities on how you use it, are unlimited.