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Our Writers and Contributors

Our Writers and Contributors

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An author on Sovereign Abilities currently living in the USA

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Adrian is an author on Sovereign Abilities. He is currently living in Budapest, Hungary

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In ten minutes, my life changed forever. My comfortable six decades of living became unrecognizable. Change brings different perspectives, and I soon discovered I questioned everything I knew, or thought I knew, about life.

Before that August morning, I epitomized normalcy—others might have called my life boring. I went to work each day, came home, read a book, and talked on the phone or sat in front of some sort of electronic screen. My life revolved around my work and my children. In 1987, at the age of thirty-five, my husband died, and I was left to raise my son and daughter by myself. Both are now married with children of their own. Phillip works in the music industry and lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and Cassie lives just a few miles away from me in Naples, Florida. As I look back on my life then, nothing appeared out of the ordinary—not in the way I dressed and spoke, or in my habits, work, friendships, or thoughts. As a psychologist, I differentiated normal from abnormal, and my life represented nothing but the commonplace.

On August 28, 2013, a brief experience changed everything. The foundation of my belief system cracked. I had to suspend my assumptions about the world to make room for different truths. As a result, I careened off life’s comfortable, and perhaps mundane, path. I now view the universe quite differently. Looking back, my life before that ten-minute experience seems as if it belonged to someone else.


● The Reluctant Messenger: Tales from Beyond Belief  -  Order Now
● The Reluctant Messenger Returns: An Unexpected Adventure Into the Angelic Realm  -  Order Now

The Reluctant Messenger book series leads the reader through a doorway into another dimension that exists simultaneously with what most people would describe as reality. Author Candice Sanderson is a psychologist whose training taught her to engage her world by the physical senses, but that all changed on morning when she began to receive messages from other realms of existence. Follow this ordinary person’s extraordinary journey into the unknown through her books, The Reluctant Messenger: Tales from Beyond Belief and The Reluctant Messenger Returns: An Unexpected Adventure Into the Angelic Realm.

The Reluctant Messenger: Tales from Beyond Belief

The Reluctant Messenger chronicles the spiritual journey of Candice M. Sanderson, a psychologist who inadvertently veered off of life’s comfortable path when she began to receive messages from other realms of existence. Her extraordinary journey into the unknown began early one morning on her commute to work.

As a psychologist, her training had taught her to measure her surroundings by the five physical senses. It something could not be heard, seen, felt, smelled, or tasted, it did not exit. This early-morning commute changed everything. These communications were too strong to ignore, and the clinically-trained psychologist had to work through doubt, fear, and her own professional judgment to acknowledge these messages.

Though reluctant, Candice became a messenger, bringing news of a verifiable spiritual dimension. She learned truths about the fluid nature of time and how near-death experiences could alter timelines. Ascended masters and beings from the angelic realms shared both universal and personal messages of love and hope. Messages from star beings and other galactic entities communicated to her about energy grids that protected our Earth. She learned of the very nature of our existence.

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Cari Palmer
Changing the World by Planting One Seed at a Time
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Wow… I manifested everything in my past! Learning what I know now and looking back at the radical shifts in my life, every little bit of it was brought on by my desperate desire to improve my situation

Now that I understand everything about the Law of Attraction and how “thoughts become things,” I can give myself credit and be proud that I trusted myself and took the huge leaps of faith that brought me to be the confident and powerful woman I have become.

I have taken my life from Abused and found Zen, all the way from A to Z. Looking back at the horrific childhood I came from; I’m shocked that I found the strength to keep plugging away to get to the place where I am today. But I did. Believe me, it wasn’t without suicide notes and plans of “ending it all,” because life was so unfair and desperate. I had a voice deep down that kept me from giving up hope entirely.

Realizing how hard it was to turn my life around, and by doing it completely alone, I hope to help others so they can get to the other side and find the light.  I went through some of the darkest days alone and honestly didn’t know there was a way to get help or a hand to hold.  I am here to be that hand, shoulder or inspiration for you in your path of life transformation. I have enough strength for all of us, and I will teach you how to find yours as well.

Let’s change your life situation and start you on a path of health, happiness and complete control over any of the decisions facing you moving forward.

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Spiritualist and seeker of knowledge

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Gordon Phinn's practice continues and includes regressions (past and LBL), life readings, spirit guidance & distance healing.

My spirit contacts began around the year 1970 after my father’s passing in 1968. They took the form of what we now call lucid dreams. In them I was often sitting with him as he told me things like, “Try to imagine I’ve gone on a long holiday”. A few others followed at lengthy intervals, and combined with my wide reading in the esoteric, occult and metaphysical literature, by the 1980’s I felt quite educated in those matters. Some of the dreams suggested I was being guided and taught, and I had read enough to know the signs. I waited patiently for a revelation. Eventually it came, but not in the form I had expected.  The crop circle phenomenon of the ’90s grabbed me by the neck and I couldn’t stay away from southern England. By the new millenium I knew I had been changed forever. 

By now, in 2020, I am a long time videoblogger at My 12 years of text blogs can be found at All my ebooks and books are listed on Amazon.

Word Of Gord

My facilitation practice continues, & includes regressions (past and LBL), life readings, spirit guidance & distance healing.

Books available for purchase by Gordon Phinn


Eternal Life and How to Enjoy It: A First-Hand Account

Confronting Your Immortality: beyond belief and into eternity - living the ascension

Dead But Not Really Dead: Five Ways Of Looking At The Afterlife

The Word Of Gord On The Meaning Of Life (The Word Of Gord Series Book 1)

You are History:The Soul, The Higher Self, and our Share of Divinity

The Word of Gord on the Afterlife (The Word of Gord Series: Book Two 2)

Bowering and McFadden: reflections on their contributions to Canadian Literature

Laughing At The Universe Of Lies: Deception, Outrage and Beyond (Essays In Honour Of Our Evolutionary Potential Book 3)

Embracing Your Divinity: instead of your doubt

Jesus And The Christ (Department of Intuitive Understanding Book 1)

It's All About Me: how criticism mirrors the self

The Poet Stuart: Poems for Stuart Ross (2004-2014)

Gordon Phinn

The Poet Stuart: Poems for Stuart Ross (2004-2019)

Life Is Just Another Place To Be: Poems 2013/14

Why Aliens Are Us: a metaphysical assessment

The Agents And The Information: a fable of existence

Playing Frisbee With Existentialist Angst: parting the curtains on the horror, the horror (The Scottish Psychic: Andrew from St. Andrews Vol.3)

Parking The Zeitgeist And Just Walking: a clandestine aberration (The Scottish Psychic: Andrew from St. Andrews Book 2)

Who Cares About Ancient Secrets? (The Scottish Psychic: Andrew from St. Andrews Book 1)


More Adventures In Eternity

Gordon Phinn

An American In Heaven

Gordon Phinn

Consciousness A Primer

Gordon Phinn

Music Amuses



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Harris is an author on Sovereign Abilities. He is a lifetime explorer of consciousness and continues to expand his awareness.

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Looking for truths and currently living in Mexico City

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An Author on Sovereign Abilities from Louisiana, USA

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Jse is an experienced astral traveler with many years of practice. His Facebook group, Astral Projection Techniques, has over 20K in members.
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Justin Phillips
I've been a writer and vivid dreamer since childhood. Then in 2017, my dreaming experience changed to include lucid dreaming, false awakenings and OBE's. Though I'm definitely not a dreaming master (I'd say more of an advanced beginner,) I crave exploration and hope to pioneer this field in any way possible.
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I've been a writer and vivid dreamer since childhood. Then in 2017, my dreaming experience changed to include lucid dreaming, false awakenings and OBE's. Though I'm definitely not a dreaming master (I'd say more of an advanced beginner,) I crave exploration and hope to pioneer this field in any way possible. 

At the beginning of 2021, I began creating guided visualizations which I put in the genre of 'lucid daydreaming'. These visualizations mimic an out of body experience to let you travel within for learning and healing. You can find the collection here:

I also enjoy writing short stories and music to picture prompts. In my creative arts club on facebook, we are doing this to member-submitted paintings. It's called MindVenture Club and we love to encourage participation!


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The author began his lifelong experience in altered states at the young age of three. No one in his family believed in his “dreams” and some claimed that he risked “dancing with the devil. He learned quickly to keep things to himself. When he served in the US Air Force in the 1970’s, his life changed profoundly in ways he could not imagine. As his altered state experiences continued, he was able to deal successfully with some of the worst tragedies that life can hand a person. Though the book has to be classified as fiction, the storyline is loosely based on theses life experiences and everything he learned and what he learned is simply that....our only purpose for being in physical reality is to learn....nothing more.

Defenders Of The Light - The Battle Begins, is a story about a character with many of the author’s personal traits and psychic challenges, along with some of the tragedies of his early years. While the story veers into a fictional depiction of a spiritual warrior doing battle with evildoers, here and on the other side of the veil, it is true to the author’s spirit of adventure and his commitment to informing and helping others.
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Maverick Vardøger

Maverick Vardøger published his first book, The Vibrational State: Three Years of Out of Body Experiences in August of 2019. The book details over 50 out of body experiences along with techniques, methods, and debriefs of each experience. In the book's first year alone, Vardøger quickly gained thousands of online followers, sold hundreds of book copies internationally, and gained the respect of contemporaries for his knowledge of astral projection and out of body experiences. By the first anniversary of The Vibrational State's publication, Vardøger had become a best seller on Amazon and Amazon Audible.

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The Vibrational State
The Vibrational State
Three Years Of Out Of Body Experiences - Buy it here

About the Book
The Vibrational State: Three Years of Out of Body Experiences, provides an in-depth study of Vardøger's extensive experiences and observations of astral travel. The Vibrational State contains a detailed entry point for anyone new to astral projection as well as extensive observations and methods for the benefit of intermediate to advanced astral travelers. Vardøger presents unique philosophical ideas regarding the possible structure of non-physical awareness and the human condition. Related topics under examination include astral projection, near-death experiences, out of body experiences, cosmic consciousness, religious phenomena, philosophy, and deep meditative states.

Is astral projection a true out of body experience or some type of vivid hallucination? Vardøger asks and explores these same questions throughout his incredibly detailed account of over 52 documented experiences spanning over more than three years.

From The Back Cover:
My first astral experience randomly occurred on February 29th, 2016. Before this experience, I had never heard of astral projection or out of body experiences. On this occasion, I awoke in the middle of the night with intense feelings of vibrations surging like electricity through my body. It sounded like a generator was rumbling inside my head. I had no idea what was happening. I had never experienced anything like it before. After the sensation ended, I immediately wrote down what happened so I would never forget. I never expected it would happen again…

The vibrational state is a sensation of vibrations or energy that is experienced in the head and body. It is painless and not physically audible. This occurs in the state between asleep and awake, where conscious awareness is present. These vibrations are the common precursor to the out of body experience called astral projection.

What is astral projection? Is it a lucid, hyper-realistic dream? Is it an actual out of body experience? These are the ultimate questions that are explored and investigated in The Vibrational State. Included are over 52 experiences spanning from 2016 through 2019. Each experience has been meticulously detailed along with related methods, tips, and extended analysis of the phenomenon known as The Vibrational State.

“With over 50 precisely documented personal examples noted in his Astral Log, Maverick Vardøger both confirms the familiar details reported by frequent travelers and calms the apprehensions of those that are new to the experience. Through detailed descriptions attesting to the power and diversity of the vibrational state, the author continues with instructions that will show the reader how to use the vibrations as an effective tool to achieve out-of-body goals. Also included are practical tips and simple methods to enhance the entire non-physical experience.”

~ William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body

Lead Line

Lead Line
One Man's Search For
Spiritual Truth  Buy it here

About the Book:

Best selling author Maverick Vardøger has dedicated much of his life to the search for answers to the greatest existential questions. What is the meaning of life? What happens after we die? We find ourselves conscious and aware in a human body, living on a blue sphere that is traveling through the infinite nothingness of space. How can the world we are experiencing have suddenly appeared out of nothingness?

In this new book, Vardøger takes the reader on the voyage of his life from childhood to parenthood, from embracing religion to rejecting religion, from faith to facts. Various spiritual teachings, consciousness phenomena, scientific evidence, and philosophical concepts are assembled into Vardøger’s idea of “the golden thread” that harmonizes the universal morals and concepts of the major world religions.

After examining as many pieces of the puzzle as possible, Vardøger provides his best hypothesis for the possibilities of life after death. This book is challenging, controversial, yet ultimately rewarding as old ideas are abandoned and new ideas are forged. This is the story of one man’s search for spiritual truth. This is Maverick Vardøger’s Lead Line.

Maverick Vardøger published his first book, The Vibrational State: Three Years of Out of Body Experiences in August of 2019. The book details over 50 out of body experiences along with techniques, methods, and debriefs of each experience. In the book's first year alone, Vardøger quickly gained thousands of online followers, sold hundreds of book copies internationally, and gained the respect of contemporaries for his knowledge of astral projection and out of body experiences. By the first anniversary of The Vibrational State's publication, Vardøger had become a best seller on Amazon and Amazon Audible.

In September of 2020, Vardøger launched the Evidence of the Afterlife podcast. The podcast explores various topics through interviews in search of proof of the afterlife. The podcast quickly gained a following and can be listened to on various platforms such as YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and all major podcast providers.

In October of 2020, Vardøger published his second book, Lead Line: One Man's Search for Spiritual Truth. Lead Line details his life experiences with religion, spirituality, and his existential quest for answers regarding the human condition.

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A philosopher and seeker of knowledge

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An author on Sovereign Abilities currently living in Australia

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Writer, Healing Facilitator and a Lifetime Student of Consciousness from Arkansas, USA
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As a lifetime explorer of consciousness, I have come to understand how significant the times are that we are presently experiencing.  We are connected to the earth through our energy fields so as we have chaos in our everyday lives on earth, so does the planet. This chaos also serves to awaken us. We are waking up to understand who we really are. We are learning to illuminate the path we each have before us. We are all becoming braver about learning to use our innate abilities. I created this community so we can all learn, grow, and support each other in our explorations of consciousness.

I have taken classes and studies at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA (TMI). I took the, Gateway Voyage and then returned to TMI to study, Out of Body Advanced with William Buhlman. The institute was developed by Robert Monroe to study and teach about our natural ability to leave our physical body. We can explore, and we do this naturally, almost every time we sleep. TMI is a place setup for learning to go out of body consciously. Not while you sleep, but while you’re awake.

I am a level two hypnotist trained by Dolores Cannon shortly before her death. I used Dolores’ method because I could go straight to our Oversoul which is our connection to this Universe. There is so much to learn there. I could help people under hypnosis by allowing them to see their past lives so that they could better understand their current life. Connecting to the Universe along with another consciousness doing the same thing in the room is a powerful experience. We felt such an electric feeling in the room and in ourselves. Those sessions opened my subconscious and my intuition became even stronger as did the people that had the sessions with me. They experienced a lot of changes in their lives.

I came to know a very special man that was a Buddhist Guru in Texas. He had come from China as a young man and started a Buddhist temple. He had the ability of being very intuitive. When I walked into the room, he first rang a small brass bell to clear the room. Then he quickly began shuffling ordinary playing cards and told me many things about myself. He taught me to find my answers within myself and not to seek them elsewhere. I have been blessed by, The Dali Lama when he made his visit to the temple where I attended. I’m not Buddhist but I felt the need to study their ways at that time in my life. The temple was bright and colorful and filled with people. People made pilgrimages to see the Guru and he gave them his time seven days a week.

I have taken sound healing with Tom Kenyon and studied his work with the Hathors. Kenyon is the best sound healer on the planet. Through sound one can achieve deep states where answers can be found inside of each of us. I had an out of body experience while listening to a world meditation that Tom Kenyon gave through the Hathors. It was a visual lesson. I had been stumbling along trying to understand something and the meditation sent me right into the Universe where I experienced my lesson in full color. What Tom Kenyon gives to the world through the Hathors and his incredible voice is an experience I am honored to have had.

I came to this life already knowing other life existed off this planet. As an adult I had a full blown contact experience. I had a lifetime interest in ET’s but after my contact experience, I knew I needed to get a camera and take images and videos of spacecraft in our day and night skies so others could see what I knew was out there. I used a camera technique and intuitive photography to capture some interesting images and some beautiful craft. I got the knowing to do this kind of photography from my contact experience.

I lived close to a family of Sasquatch for five years that made me welcome. I am honored to know them and even though I no longer live close to them I still feel their connection.

It’s been a lifetime of learning, and I continue to learn every single day.

If asked what was the most important lesson that I have ever learned in my lifetime, it would be this; our bodies are just bodies. Our bodies are not who we really are. Inside of each of us there is an energy body. Our energy bodies are all knowing, eternal beings. Even though we don’t all remember that, it’s true. When our bodies physically die, we don’t even lose consciousness. We simply “blink” to a new reality, one we are very familiar with. What many have forgotten in this lifetime is that as an, All Knowing, Eternal Being, we are Sovereign. I have fully embraced that in myself. I am the sole owner of my body, my mind, and my energy. I am not ruled by the confinements of our physical life on earth. I choose to awaken all of my Sovereign Abilities!

~ Vickie

Definition of Sovereign 

Dictionary sov·er·eign/ˈsäv(ə)rən 1.a supreme ruler, especially a monarch.Similar: ruler monarch supreme, ruler crowned, head of state, lord adjective: possessing supreme or ultimate power.”in modern democracies the people’s will is in theory sovereign.


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