Connecting to Universal Consciousness

We are all energy and all energy connects. That’s why we are ONE! In our physical forms we feel separated from other people but our energy fields all connect to each other and that’s why we can feel each other’s emotions, even from a distance. We put our conscious energy into everything we do. For instance; have you felt strong emotions from something somebody wrote in words? I would guess that answer is yes, that you do feel emotion from words and when somebody walks into a room. That’s because our energy fields all connect to each other and further, connect to our higher selves, the over souls, angelic realms and all the way up the spiral to, The Creator.

By fully embracing that you connect to, all there is, you can use your conscious connection to receive guidance as Candice Sanderson does when she receives messages from, The Messengers. You can explore hidden reality and the nature of life itself. Most importantly, you can get to know your inner self, because that’s the real you. The real you is an eternal person that is sovereign.

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