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Thank you for your interest in becoming an author on Sovereign Abilities. We ask that our authors read and adhere to these guidelines below.

You become an author on our website after you have posted one original article. It’s free to post on our website for a limited time. As our website grows new authors will pay a monthly subscription fee to post but if you join now, and become an author, your membership will always remain free because you are helping us to grow.

Articles, posts, and pages that you submit to our website must be original and written by you. Please do not link to another article unless it’s included within your writing. You can submit older articles as long as they are your own writing. Pictures can be uploaded but you are responsible for making sure you use images that you own and/or images that are not copyrighted by someone else.

Sovereign Abilities reserves the right to deny posting articles that do not meet our guidelines and are not based on the subjects contained here. In addition to subject matter already on the website, we encourage writings and teachings on abilities and experiences not already written about on our website but that still fall into the subject matter contained here.

As we grow we will be adding a private, Author’s Corner where author’s can speak privately to each other. In addition, we are adding a forum where you can post links to your articles and website. Visitors can have a full discussion on your articles and speak to you about your practice or business if you have one. The forum will be a place where all members can post any article they want to discuss and the website pages will be for posting author’s original writings.

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