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Adrian is an author on Sovereign Abilities. He is currently living in Budapest, Hungary.
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Adrian, you remembered so many vivid details of that experience. Do you write it all down after you wake up or just remember it? Thanks so much for sharing this incredible lucid dream!

I agree it’s hard to remember the longer ones. I get more memories over the days after the event too. I don’t always feel like journaling every time I experience something so many times, as soon as I wake up, I take a blank page and write down as many keywords as I can think of very quickly. Then later the keywords remind me of the event so I can write it down properly. Incredible experience! ♥️

Yes Adrian the more you experience the harder it gets to summon up the details, but you are doing a pretty good job so far. Sounds like you are on a roll here. More please!

That’s incredible progress, Adrian. Two OBE’s in one week is a lot! Fantastic!

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