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I am so happy that you’ve become an author on Sovereign Abilities, Jillian! Your posts are really good and fit perfectly with the topic of the website. Welcome! I am an animal lover too and your post really touched my love for all my fur babies that have gone home. I miss them all and I sure hope to see them all again when I too go home. I’m so happy you’ve joined as a writer!

Thank you! I love finding nice pictures that make an impact on the posts. I have your author box online so just update your profile with your links when you’re ready and welcome to the site!

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I had a dog named Tux that I got before his eyes were open, bottle fed, I was the only mother he knew, he developed diabetes and lived 9 yrs, but I had him put to sleep as he was hurting and crying…a part of me went with him when he died. He is buried in back yard with a light over his grave, solar, burns all night. I cannot have another dog at 80, not fair to the dog, he was a Chi/Ratterrier. I cried for two days when he left here, I still cry when I dwell too much on him. I have pics that i would love to post here…how? Thnks


Do I have to link my social media to my profile? It’s really for my business and I don’t want to mix the two.

No, you can share as much as you feel comfortable with, Jillian. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to mix the two.

Thanks Jillian. Suspect the dog came to you the night before as he knew his time was up. Animals, especially domestic ones, have many of the psychic abilities we humans do. Do not doubt that you dog pal knew exactly what he/she was doing.

Vic, had to change name, so confusing, too many computers!
I will post now as Ric Harris or Richard. It will keep me logged in now I think.
lya, Ric

Pls change me to Author, now listed as member. Sorry for confusion.

Tried to post pic of Tux..Help Vic

Jillian is right just click the small picture on the right bottom and browse for your upload. Let me know if you have any other problems, Richard.

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