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Jillian Murphy

An author on Sovereign Abilities from North Carolina, USA
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Jillian, thank you for sharing your dream and your astral projection to understand your dream. It’s such a unique experience. It was kind of an inner astral projection. I wonder also if many or most of us come into these lives with our own kill switches too.

Last edited 8 months ago by Vickie Acklin

You’re so welcome Vickie! It looks great with the pictures you used. I have some other interesting things that happened and I’ll post more soon.

Excellent, Jillian! I can’t wait to read and post them. Thank you.

Harris Ricardo

Makes me wonder too about some of the repeater dreams I have had over the years, “Kill Switch” sounds right.

Harris Ricardo

Hi Jillian, I have a cousin in FL I think with Murphy as last name, lost touch with her over the years. Anyhow it’s great to meet you I will enjoy anyones experiences in consciousness and aftermath. I look forward to reading your articles, I have two on here, registered user but I can’t stay logged in for whatever the reason. Have regressed and explored past two lives, not pleasant at all! Plus other things happening in my life, beginning at around 9-10 with OBE’s and flying, had to keep basically to myself in 50’s only told my mother about the paralysis state, she told me to pray about, now I go “out” with no paralysis. Extremely good Lucid, very vivid visions. I just passsed 80 on July 9, I don’t feel my age. My body does to an extent. But I am fine otherwise. I have two dream journals for interatations but most times nothing found to match my dreams. Enough now…lol

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