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Although I did not know of this witness, the general picture you paint of the secret space program is one I am well familiar with, through sources like Project Camelot and Steven Greer. Thanks for the tip!

I knew Mars was colonized. That’s very well known by now. I had no idea that Ceres is now colonized too. NASA’s official take is that it would take a year, using a NASA rocket, to get to Ceres so it wouldn’t be a beneficial place to colonize. Of course, they don’t mention that we have craft that can travel as fast as the speed of light in the secret space program.

Yes, absolutely I’ve read lots and seen many videos on the SSP. I just hadn’t heard Ceres was colonized.

Adrian, how do you feel about the story Corey Goode is telling people about the SSP?

Goode’s story seems very fake in my opinion. Rodrigues’ story however, sounds truthful and he gives so many details. I know the SSP is real and they are likely colonizing other planets for what could be coming with a nuclear war on the planet.

I personally wouldn’t want to leave Earth even knowing what is likely ahead. Can you imagine the caste system on newly colonized planet? It would be a horrible life.

This has always been my biggest question with people that say they have served on other planets: why would the powers that rule the planet go to so much trouble to use these people as slaves then to return them perfectly back, age regressed, into their former lives? Why would the ruthless pack of dark powers that rule the planet care to go to so much trouble for people they only consider as slaves? They kill innocent children and eat their body parts, they kidnap, torture and rape anybody they want. They consider human life very expendable, so why then would they go to so much trouble to make sure these slaves don’t remember the bad things that happened and then to age regress them instead of just killing them like they do to everybody else including children? I’m asking rhetorically and not to disagree with your post, Adrian but I would love to hear your opinion on that.

That really does explain it for me, Adrian. Thanks for that explanation. Parents do sell their children into sex trafficking all the time. I see how we can so easily be manipulated and tricked too. They (the powers that rule this planet) use us against each other every single day here on this planet. Just look at all the racial problems and using the “woke” silliness to get people hating each other and even killing each other.

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