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Gordon, this article is so well written that it reads like astral poetry. Great descriptions of the various levels and densities in the astral planes and the people there too. Very enlightening!

Justin Phillips

Really liked this post. Love how is was written.

All of my body exits (that I remember) have been spontaneous, but I always treated them like lucid dreams and hence they were (or became.) This bothered me because I eventually came to call it ‘false OBE’s’ or dreaming about leaving my body, lucidly.

It’s happened thirty plus times over the last 4 years. Otherwise I have lucid dreams or false awakening loops. Is there any advice toward what I can do if I happen to leave the body again? I’ve gone into the backyard and flown away to somewhere else that will typically degrade into a semi-lucid dream, or I’ll go out the front door and explore the neighborhood which is never “True to life”, and degrades into a semi-lucid dream.

One time I did get sat down for an interview in my neighbor’s house across the street, which I wriggled out of and woke up. It was set up like a civil type office. That had always struck me as something more.

Thanks 😊

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Having a plan for the spontaneous LDs, and also periodically rubbing your hands together will delay the shifting into the semi lucid state. Also you can do a reality check in the beginning even if you know its a lucid dream, it will increase your awarness in the dream. I use the nose pinch test, always works.


Yes nose pinching and counting fingers are my favorite. Lately I’ve used them more just with false awakenings, because otherwise when I know, I know. Usually.😅

Justin Phillips

Sorry that was me, forgot to log in 😆😅

I like his poetic style too.