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I always thought of it as an experience remembered as a dream but the brain couldn’t understand the experience so it changed the experience into something it could understand. What do you think about those memories, Justin?

That sounds like past life memories to me. If you only had the dream once or twice I would think something else but having that dream over and over sounds like a past life. Maybe your subconscious wants you to remember that past life for an important reason.

In doing QHHT (quantum hypnosis healing therapy), one of the methods we used was past life regression (PLR). The PLR was an important part of the session because the subconscious brought a past life forward that was causing issues with their current life. I worked with a woman that had really severe pain in one hip area. She had a scar there that she never remembered getting. She had undergone a lot of tests with her doctor but they couldn’t find anything that would cause the pain so the doctor wrote off her pain as fibromyalgia but it never went away so she decided to try QHHT. When we did her PLR we found that in one of her past lives, she was a male soldier fighting in the US Civil war. She had been mortally wounded by stab wounds from a bayonet in the very same hip where she had all the pain in this lifetime. Once she learned where the pain came from she could stop worrying about the source of the pain. She emailed me about 6 months after the session and said that the pain had mostly gone away.

I would imagine that experience that you have in your dreams of being a child actor has shaped you in many ways in this lifetime. You are adding intro and outro music to your stories and setting them up like a TV shows. That says a lot right there. Perhaps you might want to get a past life regression some time and see what your subconscious has to tell you.

I’m personally not sure I believe people can get a false memory from dreams. When a dream occurs that feels so real and most of the details of the dream are remembered for a long time after the dream, my opinion is that it was a very real experience (likely an astral projection) into a different aspect of yourself.

What does everybody else think? This is an interesting topic, Justin.

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Oh, I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE Stars of Clay and where the story is going. Excellent writing as always and your original music is really good too. You are a man of many talents!