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Justin Phillips

Thank you for sharing. 🙂💤💤

Jackie Burrows

How amazing
I am just joining and hope to contribute

Jackie Burrows

Now happy to be human???????

Did you do it on purpose :)? I mean the pegasus at the beginning? The symbol itself, the timing and the context of it, is personally mind blowing for me. In the last two articles you used the white horse picture. I have been visited by a white horse in a vivid dream some years ago. It has syncronistically manifested a few times in my life, at key times, in astonishing ways, it has become a symbol of hope, and mystical communion for me.

I’m touched, but I’m also a bit technical about such stuff, as you have to have some rational criteria to discern, as you said the lines between reality and imagination. So I would like to expand upon it. First of all around the picture: “Our dreams open doors to magical realms….” Where did I met the horse first time in a meaningful way? In a dream.
Than, once in a while I do a 3 day fast. I didnt do it for years, than I did it 3 months ago and than again I just finished it Sunday. During this time I slipped into a dreamlike state, and was recieving information about my life, how to move forward, inspiration, concepts, perspectives. How to approach spirituality trough the mundane stuff in life. Also I got a lesson in interpretation of symbols. I written some of it down, so today many things have manifested from that writing, where the chance of them happening simultaniously is extremely low. Also they all supported me in my written goals, some of it is very mundane and work related. In order for it to happen, many people and circumstances had to be influenced in complex ways. It was already enough confirmation, and than I noticed your article. So thats the timing aspect of it, as I dont see white horses every day. By you explaining it, is just underlining it even more, also you are using some of the ideas in the article I was having during the fast.
You are right, we’re all just one big family, I had many of these syncs with Vickie, and one big one with Gord. I could go into detail regarding the previous article as well, but its a bit long already and I shouldnt step into Keiths territory.

I love this sync with your post Candie and Adrian! 💜💜💜

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