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I’ll see you there, Vickie!

Had not previosuly heard of this place. Thanks!


I have never heard of this place but now I want to go there! Thanks for this post, Vickie! I’m curious why the A is upside down in the picture.

Okay, I just had a go at traveling there. Listening to a meditation cd in the dark I found myself relaxed enough to project. I found the sandy beach and a couple of sunbathers lying there. Sat down beside them and asked if they were visiting themselves. Was told they were like a welcoming committee of two and were ‘permanent astral residents working a shift just like here. When I asked about its popularity they said “Yeah it’s getting quite the rep(utation) these days”. I said that I wasn’t fully there but I would be next time. Bring some friends along I was told. I thought about visiting the pyramid another time and heard that ‘Yeah you can find anything in there, anything at all’. I got the impression that inside it was set up vibrationally so that the astral reality of manifesting thoughts was made even easier than usual.
I was asked how things were going down here. I mentioned the control freaks trying to run our lives with rules and regulations and heard that I should just ignore them, that my journey could completely circumvent their power trips and propaganda.
I mentioned that I did not consciously know of this location and that Vickie had alerted me. The respose was something like ‘Oh yeah Vickie we remember her.’
I bade them farewell and said that my projection power was weak this time, but would be stronger next time. They told me that was fine and not to worry.

(Note: this was all telepathic and I’m sure I’ve fogotten about half of what went on)

Justin Phillips

Oh this is so cool. I built something similar, a club house which is meant to be a meeting place on the astral plane for members of MindVenture club, though I don’t think many people got the idea… I’ll have to try visiting this Island🙂

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