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Justin Phillips

Do you think other planets harbor a different kind of life experience rather than the physical one we are so accustomed to here? For example, Jupiter is a gas giant so there may not be physical organic life forms inhabiting, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s uninhabited. Imagine a huge angelic resort and spa inside, or a type of ‘heaven’ to a gazillion souls in transition to another galaxy after their time on Earth, in which case you could call Jupiter ‘pregnant’. Perhaps the crushing gravity of the giant planet fuses many of those souls together in some way. Just being intentionally creative here in order to put into words something I can’t describe 😋

Or it could be inhabited by simple organisms which is still, “life”. I sometimes tend to think of life as humanoid but life comes in many forms.

Justin Phillips

Yes, good point. I tend to do that to😋

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