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Vickie Acklin

Website Administrator, Writer, Healing Facilitator and a Lifetime Student of Consciousness currently living in Arkansas, USA
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There’s a study been done on this in the Uk some years back and I have book reference to it, which I shall seek out in this house full of books.

Vickie, how could you keep it a secret all this time, that you are a slider?
I can cause reality fluctuations, it is like extreme syncronicity, is there a word for that?

Mostly noone does sliding, its very rare.
By fluctuations I mean if I’m in a charge state, than reality will somehow reflect my internal thought processes. For example I was mad some day, and was repeating a phrase inside my head/f… you/, and a minute later I came across a guy with the exact phrase on his T shirt. Or if I’m sad, like when I buried my cat, a group of people came across all in black with skulls on their shirt. When I’m in love I see rainbows in nature maybe 100 times the usual rate. When I ask for a sign, it comes in very obvious ways. When I had a nightmare in the morning there was a face in sheet wrinkles staring at me, so obviously formed it could be recognized by anyone. If I’m nostalgic about a person, he she would appear or call me a day later even if we didnt talked for years. The list goes on, if I’m on its an everyday occurance.

Could you walk under the street light in my cul de sac? It is a hot tub mood killer. I love being out there when it is pitch black to look at the sky. ONE LIGHT from a block away is such a pain. Growing up in Las Vegas, we used to torture each other ask kids by dragging your feet across the carpet then shocking your siblings. Those could hurt!