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Vickie Acklin

Website Administrator, Writer, Healing Facilitator and a Lifetime Student of Consciousness currently living in Arkansas, USA
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i do recall the experiments of that doctot…now that you remind me! thanks. neat photograph.

Hey Vickie!!!

Nice post :). And an interesting topic.
I’ve also heard of this doctor’s research and found it to be interesting. Odd how certain groups of people seem to prefer to ignore or discount such things.
This is one of many reasons why I love attending TMI courses. Many of the instructors cover this topic is some detail.
I’ve shared with you a while back one of the experiences I had during an OBE during one of the many exercises that are a core part of these courses. In one of them (I was attending “Starlines” at the time), the experience I was having was soooo….connected…so, purposeful and natural I didn’t want to come back.
I had decided to stay in this other dimension and continue the work I was doing.
Remember that idea that we have “Free Will”? Since I made the decision, one would think I would have departed my body….completely detach myself…..and not come back. Hmmm, guess what…..some Spirit Guides had other ideas.
I ended up back here and I spoke with the lead instructor about what happened. She was adamant….she didn’t want anyone making that kind of decision during any exercises at TMI. Why? Because it would likely be misinterpreted and it just wouldn’t be good.
So, how does that tie into your article? It feels like an indirect connection. Your father influenced you in a way hat you felt intuitively, but couldn’t interact with him as you could your family at the time.
That’s exactly what I was doing when I was in the midst of that exercise. The sense of purpose, the connection I felt to everything was so profound….I just didn’t want it to end and I couldn’t see the point of coming back. No one here cared one way or the other about my existence….there seemed to be no purpose for me being here any longer.
Well…..there is….but sometimes we just can’t see it because our ego or out fears or our repetitive thinking gets in the way.
Man….young lady….I’m so glad you had this experience. I wonder what’s next on your unseen agenda 🙂

I’ve seen experiments like this even recently. Why… wait… how … wait… there are just some people (like the one I am divorcing) who will never want to know one tiny detail about this. They are not ready for the change their lives will experience if they acknowledge that perhaps, we are more than our bodies. Strange world we are living in.. love it Vickie!