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Hi Vickie,
Interesting story. The Monroe Institute (TMI) teaches students that some souls can become hung up here or locked into physical reality for a number of reasons. All they need is some sensitive, Empathic person to help them cross over to the light and find their way home.
The spirit you described doesn’t sound malevolent which makes all the difference. She sounded as if she was lost, looking for some kind of acknowledge, a connection to physical reality that she lost.
I wonder what would have happened had you tried to communicate with her, accept her presence as a cry for help, and then spent time with her trying to discover why she felt so tied to physical reality.
My guess is she knew of you sensitivity and thought you were her best beat of being accepted.
We’ll never know now, but if you eve run into this again I would strongly recommend you contact Candie Sanderson or The Monroe Institute and ask for help in retrieving a lost soul. TMI teaches a course on this in “Lifelines”. You might consider attending that one and learn what the instructors have discovered over the years of doing just that….retrieving souls.

Hmmm….interesting. I would love to know more. Is there anything you think is worthwhile that you’d feel comfortable in sharing?
There might be something to learn from this experience that might not be immediately obvious.

Excellent!! I’m looking forward to it!!