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Hi Vickie!!!
Great article and very useful information. I’m one that is able to do some form of meditation each day. You are soooo right, though, it can be difficult to slow my thoughts and then focus my mind on my Spirit Guides or those who are going through life challenges that I so want to help in some way.
When I first started including individuals in this method, I suddenly became aware that the list can be huge and to do what’s right for everyone, it would take time. That’s something I’m still working on and one person that’s helping to modify that process for me is Candie Sanderson. Her leadership, teaching, life examples are definitely worth focusing on when learning this process of obtaining balance without judgement.
None of us will grow spiritually if we allow ourselves to be fooled by our egos to criticize others who have chosen a different path to follow with that path appears to be healthy or not. What we need to do, in my opinion, is learn to be open, accepting, and acknowledge that what’s will help one person may not be the best thing for another.
Instead, we should consider supporting each other if with nothing more than encouragement.
In the end, if our lives are as balanced as we know to make them, then that’s likely the best we can do.
So, allow me to thank you for supporting your website, which is nicely done, and for including Candie Sanderson as a well established knowledgeable practitioner of spiritual enlightenment.
Perhaps you will join me in encouraging her to pursue reaching for the New York Best Seller’s list with her books given her recent international awards!!

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