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I love this Gordon! Once you become a wave in the sea of tranquility and bliss, you don’t fit in anywhere in the world where you once did. But, it’s a beautiful thing. You wouldn’t want to fit in where you once did as you are no longer that person. I am moving away from the Puget Sound in Washington that is so overwhelming with people, noise and collective energy to a little town on the Oregon Coast as I have to be where I can be alone with God and nature. I have been called to this place for 25 years and now, I have to answer the call. We experience so many people coming in and out of our lives when we are forever increasing our vibration … I have no desire to stop the growth and expansion, I love what I know and who we are. For those who have hitched onto my wagon, because they knew I knew the way, they remain with me wherever I go. Blessings Gordon.

Gordon, thank you for your thought-provoking article on Spiritual Pride. Look around, and you’ll see a new guru arriving daily, touting their way as the only path to enlightenment. If you don’t subscribe to their methods, then you have not “seen the light.” 

The awakening of humanity starts at the individual level. The best place to receive guidance is from within. Using your heart to seek truth can coax the wolves out from the sheep’s clothing. 

Beware of false prophets. Know that spiritual pride can be an indicator of a spiritual crisis, just waiting to surface. Use your heart to engage spiritual discernment, to keep you balanced. 

Don’t seek answers “out there,” seek truth and wisdom from within. 



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