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Excellent piece here Cari ! You really lay it on the line! Once we are “there”, there really is nowhere else to go, do or say. The enlightenment of the moment is, for me, more serenity than bliss, but that does not change it’s essential nature, merely my reaction to it.
There are so many good lines in your comments I hardly know which ones to praise! You have “arrived” – Well done! And you are informing others of how to “arrive” – Well done!
No need to write anything else, but if you do I shall be interested.

I am so thrilled you are here too, Cari! Love you!

Cari, you might have been describing me a little in your post. I don’t contact people either and then I feel badly but it’s not like I’m ignoring them, I am just so into my “now” and on such a different spiritual journey. I love my “bliss” too and can’t imagine how boring life would become for me if I “parked my spirit”. I agree with Gordon here, Cari; This is the best piece you have written.

This post has been the number ONE most read post, almost every day, since it went live on SA. This is a subject lots of people are drawn to, Cari. Great post!

Cari Palmer

Thank you Vickie!!! More is coming out of me at lightning speed. I am on fire.

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