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Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips

I've been a writer and vivid dreamer since childhood. Then in 2017, my dreaming experience changed to include lucid dreaming, false awakenings and OBE's. Though I'm definitely not a dreaming master (I'd say more of an advanced beginner,) I crave exploration and hope to pioneer this field in any way possible.
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Justin has a Facebook group where artists submit their original artwork and others in the group can write a story based on the art or even add music to the art. I think this is such original concept. Also, Justin you have a BIG imagination! Your stories are really good! Thank you for being a part of our website community.


Thank you so much, Vickie 🙂 I’m glad you are liking the stories


Came here from thr LDE.
This story was fascinating to read!!! I loved the mind shift of being a NPC in a dream and then the plot tiwst. I also preferred the first ending more to the alternate one


Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. It was very fun to write, and I definitely wanted there to be a paradigm shift or two. I agree about the original ending, but I liked how just changing the last two paragraphs puts the story into a whole new light. With the original ending, Clayton can just be a dream character who is awakened by the Dreamer, and goes on to learn all he can about reality, unbound by typical human experience. This is like an origin story for Clayton, who goes on to be an awakened guide to Amy.

In the alternate ending, you could cast the whole story in the light that these are timeless lovers, criss-crossing in and out of dreams. Locked in a continuous loop of lives and selves, sometimes they can both awaken and remember who they are to each other.

I liked that it can be multi-faceted, without either ending stepping on the other’s toes. Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂

Justin, you don’t have to login to comment but if you do, your comments will show you as the author.

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Almost 1000 people have started this first episode and are reading Stars Of Clay. Congratulations, Justin. This story is a hit on Sovereign Abilities. Thank you for bringing it to our readers.

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