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This is another great example of going out of body from a lucid dream. Sometimes this method is easier to do. Since you now bypass the paralysis, vibrations and all those physical feelings of going OB by using intent you are Phasing your awareness. This is an excellent experience, Harris! Thank you so much for sharing it.


Thanks to you Vickie for editing and posting, this was just a new begining for me, I have much more, and all true from my perspective, my life has been like some others, never ever think that we are alone and isolated.

I can’t wait to hear more!

Hi Harris, this was a good post! I’m working on lucid dreaming and getting much better at remembering my dreams. I had a few fast lucid dreams but didn’t stay lucid long enough to go OB yet. You learned a lot in this one. Thanks for posting it.


My advice Hector is to STATE INTENT for what you desire, then relax and go with the flow. Thank you for responding! I am so Grateful for opening my awareness to Reality. I still cling to my religious beliefs as it all ties together, some in my family call me an Agknostic, that really does nothing to hinder my efforts, Be Who You Are…I am what I am! And I will continue my particular path regardless of what others may think of me. It’s a very narrow path that requires balance but not a lot of effort on my part and I am Thankful for those like us that have to drop beliefs along the way as we proceed on the Journey of knowing, I strongly encourage anyone to stay with the Path regardless of pitfalls along the way…I call it My Journey of acknowledging my consciousness and appreciation of opening doorways to guide me, such as Carlye who has been with me since I was a small child. Thanks.

Thanks for this Harris. And there’s “lots more”? Look forward to that ! gordon

Education is no more important than life skills, my friend.

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