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I wonder about these too, how much of are life circumstances have been predetermined? How much choice we have? Did we really choose all this shit? Sometimes it seems there cannot be a valid reason for the suffering here, but things seem different from the other side.

I know exactly what you mean. I can’t imagine that I chose some of this stuff that’s happened in this lifetime.

I know I chose my family but I must have been drinking heavily at the time LOL.

Yes these ancestral issues are really hard for some people.

I’m not sure what you mean by progress. The way I see it from Hungary, the EU is increasingly trying to become an empire, dismantling the sovereignity of its member states any way it can. Its easy to see this, thatswhy the pushback in the form of nationalism. Some people would disagree with me on this. We were not forced to join, but they surely lied to us, many of the promises have been broken. For example salaries are still 1/4 of what it is in Germany after 20 years of membership. Interesting that you can remember past lives, was it accomplished trough hypnosis or OBE exploration, maybe both?

Its Ok, I dont care too much about political ideologies.The discovery of our spiritual nature, past lives, ancient history, our connection to Ets, and other realms, devic, angelic, elemental and the Earth itself are far more intresting for me.
I also think increasing awarness of these could solve many of our issues that are popular in discussion today, like what could past life awarness do to a racist, who suddenly remembers a past life as a black slave. Or to a religious fanatic who believes we have only one life, and would shun everyone to hell who thinks otherwise.
I watched some of your OBE journal videos, very intresting ones. I liked the vids about Maitreya. Intresting perspectives.
Also good job on the books, I like your style. I couldnt find “More adventures In eternity” in an ebook format anywhere.

I believe that not every single detail of our lives was preplanned. The end results, of whatever we came here to learn, were preplanned but how we get down that “path of learning” is up to us and our free will. I don’t think we always learn the lesson we came into these lifetimes to learn either and that’s why we choose to keep coming back.

I believe that when we decided to come into these lifetimes on earth we did agree to living a life where there is both dark and light and good and bad. If everything were perfect with no suffering or hardships then imagine how boring life would be. There would be nothing to gain if life were perfect.

I agree completely, Gordon.

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