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Vickie Acklin

Writer, Healing Facilitator and a Lifetime Student of Consciousness from Arkansas, USA

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There’s sooooo much that can be written about this one topic. Our language is such an imperfect tool for all of us especially when we do what all human beings do which is to define our world in a way that we can communicate our discoveries intelligently to other devoid of any bias.
It’s unfortunate that the term “Ego” has had many examples of abuse in our culture. Despite that, I would have to say that I have said several times how much I wish I knew how shove my ego in the closet and lock the door.
Does that mean I believe the “Ego” should be killed? Nope. Does that mean there’s a lot we don’t know the components of our consciousness, our soul, happens to be? Yep.
There isn’t any so-called expert that has ever lived that can prove to a scientific certainty anything that is at the core of this subject. All we can do is guess, develop some beliefs on th subject, and live our lives based on those beliefs.
I’m all for that provided that anyone with whom I am interacting with is willing to accept that others may have a different “take” on the subject and is willing to accept that difference while discussing the topic with an open mind.
How important is that? Well, since our beliefs are based on psychological filters and life experiences, imagine interacting with someone who has experienced a mind-blowing event in their life that just isn’t common….something like a person viciously murdering someone they loved.
How would that person interpret “Ego” at then? I could understand and respect the idea that maybe their interpretation of “Ego” just might be a bit different. And, if they would be willing to spend time talking about it, sharing their experience, I might just learn something I might not have known otherwise.
It’s unfortunate, but this topic falls into the category, in my opinion, as soft-science. What does that mean? It means that there is no reasonable way an expert can conduct experiments in a way that objectively proves/defines the subject…to wit: what composes the human ego.
My hope in all of this is that more people will want to talk openly and honestly about it without passing judgement. We need to discover as much as we can so we at least have a chance to understand more about what makes up our core.
Hopefully, all of that makes sense.

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