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Gordon, I believe that after we die physically we do not forgot our lives, loves and experiences. That even as we go back to energy form, we retain a good deal of our personality. That past lives feel like distant memories after physical death and that we don’t forget the people we experienced this life with. I know we are “passing the knowledge we learned” up through the ranks to higher/self then ultimately Source. But I do think that we retain individuality and certain personality traits. There are countless stories where people, especially children, remember past lives and see their own habits, traits and sometimes the way they look in past lives.

Tom Campbell believes that we remember nothing after physical death. He says it’s like a dream that quickly fades and is quickly forgotten. To me this sounds cold and why would anyone want to continue living lifetimes when sometimes living these lives isn’t always easy? I know living lifetimes is about growth and learning but if one can’t even remember their last life then what have they learned? I absolutely disagree with Campbell on this.

How do you feel about this, Gordon?

I agree and I’m glad you have the same views as I do from sheer experience. There is much more to these lives or why would we keep doing them over and over? And, I know absolutely from experience that we retain a lot of our personality always. Good to hear your view on that.

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