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Justin Phillips

I've been a writer and vivid dreamer since childhood. Then in 2017, my dreaming experience changed to include lucid dreaming, false awakenings and OBE's. Though I'm definitely not a dreaming master (I'd say more of an advanced beginner,) I crave exploration and hope to pioneer this field in any way possible.
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Thanks for this lifetime of a dream Justin. Fascinating. The dual consciousness of being the explorer and the one who has arrived is an intriguing one. I occasionally sense “myself” at the “end” of evolution, looking back at the various “me’s struggling along, and find myself chuckling about it.
I also wonder about those beings who felt the need for a crystal set on the head to facilitate telepathy. Maybe just a stage on the way to full telepathy without aids?

Vickie Acklin

Justin, there is a tag at the top of your post that marks it as fiction but I know that’s easy to miss. Gordon is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Here is a link to the first chapter (you can follow from there) of his yet unpublished work of fiction. You will love this book.

Vickie Acklin

Excellent, Justin thanks for the update!

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