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Gordon Phinn

Gordon Phinn

Gordon Phinn's practice includes regressions (past and LBL), life readings, spirit guidance, and distance healing
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I agree with you, Gordon but I do think the Akashics have certain knowledge that at times can really make a difference in how one might choose to proceed with a situation that’s very important to them. That’s been my experience recently anyway.

It is an intresting question, I wonder about it too. When watching remote viewers describing past historical events, it seems the opinions/views of the tasker, somewhat color what the remote viewers percive.

And what if there are multiple timelines, and multiple earth histories with different pasts, shifting changing and merging, is there a correct past then? Many ifs. Maybe what can be viewed most accurately is what personally meaningful and relevant to the person.

I couldn’t agree more, Adrian. Everytime I watch Farsight’s RV sessions I am always surprised at how much Courtney Brown adds his strong opinions to the RV viewers outcomes. Courtney puts his own “slant” on every single viewing session and that’s why I stopped watching the RV’s at Farsight. He should never interpret the viewers work but instead let the people watching form their own opinion.

I also completely agree with your second paragraph. I truly believe the choices we make in our present time always shifts the future outcome for us. If we want to see our future, we have to examine our present first because the future is ever changing and formed by the present.

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