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Candice Sanderson

My life changed in 2013 when I had a spontaneous opening to the nonphysical realms of spirit. In a ten-minute period of time, I changed from psychologist to psychic, from skeptic to believer.

Since then, I've authored a couple of books (The Reluctant Messenger & The Reluctant Messenger Returns) that tell of my experiences.

I returned in June 2018, and now I laugh that I straddle the world with one leg in this 3-D world and the other leg in the world of spirit. I can't think of a better place to be!

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Thanks for this fascinating insight into your pain issues Candace. Have had a similar experience when I confronted my fear of pain about three years ago. It had stemmed from my childhood I suspect and needed dealt with. As a medium and obe traveller I had long lost any fear of death, but pain, well, different story. The large bladder stone, not discovered for a couple of months, had irritated my prostate, and as guys my age suffer that a lot, it was assumed to be the issue. Eventually they spied the “enormous bladder stone” and surgery removed it. But the intervening three months were exceeding trying, endless sporadic pain that tried more than my patience.


Thanks for the reply, Gordon. The vision allowed me reframe the pain. Seeing it as part of a healing process diminished its impact—allowed me space to breathe. 💜

Vickie Acklin

I have some splinters of my own coming to the surface right now too. ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Vickie Acklin

That’s so incredible and wonderful to hear! Losing your eyesight would be especially hard to deal with it seems to me. I bet you won’t want to leave the sunshine when you can be fully in it. Soon you’ll be at the beach and Florida beaches are gorgeous! My parents used to live in Panama City, FL. Beautiful!

Ric Harris

Thanks for sharing I feel for you. Been thru a lot with health problems over the years, sometimes feeling like this life is over, but really it’s strngenened me pain wise, I know in the end that all is well, we learn to accept life and seek healing on our own, albeit it slowly. God Speed to you.

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