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Gordon Phinn

Gordon Phinn

Gordon Phinn's practice includes regressions (past and LBL), life readings, spirit guidance, and distance healing
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I love the happy and fun end to this chapter!

Gordon, I just listened to your interview by Maverick Vardoger on YTube. It was great. I was surprised to learn of some of the connections we share…other than the connection to my friend Maverick. I did not know your connection to Monroe Institute or to Bruce Moen. I knew Bruce; he lived not far from me in Florida. Years ago I was a frequent visitor to his message board, so I’m sure I read many of your posts. You mentioned others that I’m friends with like Todd A. Small world, eh?

It was really a very good interview, Gordon. You have a really interesting past.

I followed right along on a simular path but, The Seth books had been out a long time when I finally found them. Very interesting past that you have, Gordon but not typical at all. LOL!