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Triumph over grief, victory over mind chatter! Well done Vickie! Do help Byron distance himself from that earthly grieving, he definitely does not need another incarnation now.

That was a very moving and great story Vickie. I told you, he will visit you!


well done Vickie. it’s very true about the grieving part. we have to grieve when they die, its something we do naturally, but I found out it just holds them back. My husband after he passed came to me and told me as much, that my grief was hurting him. I had fallen into a bottomless pit when I perceived him in the room standing next to me and it caused me to miss him so much, I went spiraling down and down emotionally and he reached into my consciousness shouting my name, bringing me up from the pit of sorrow I was hoping to reach the bottom but there was no bottom. His voice pulled me out and thats when he explained he needed me to smile, otherwise he could not continue on his journey as he knew he had caused me to be there. So wanting to help him, I did come up out of the pit and tried to smile, but only because he wanted me to. I actually tried to give him a fake smile, lol, is funny now. You cannot really smile when in the pit, but it was me showing him I was willing to go on now and give it my best shot, so that he could continue his journey without me pulling on him keeping him grounded here, feeling the same thing I was feeling and how much I wished our lives could have been better when we were together. he carried all my thoughts too; I didn’t know I was holding him back from his growth by feeling this way, nor did I know how much I loved him until he was gone. Now I could do what he asked of me. a guy of few words, I got the drift. if you can turn loose of the beloved, that is what unconditional love is. we both had a long ways to go, but were making progress.

Energy Chameleon

I see sparkles too. I can look directly at them. I haven’t attempted to photograph it because I only have a phone to take pictures and it seems like something only I can see. They’re more prevalent in the sun or darkness but when I pay attention, it’s always there. Different from visual snow. Narrowing my focus, they appear to be tiny balls of energy bouncing around. I’ve searched the web for answers so I’m curious about your meaning of ‘live consciousness’.

Your experience is very heartwarming. I also have a few loved ones who crossed the veil. As do many of your readers. It’s always a comfort when someone’s experience shows us that death is not the end. Thank you for sharing with us! ♥️✨