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This is a phenomenal experience. You know for sure someone was watching and guiding you, Keith. It’s amazing how many times we are kept on our paths. If we pay attention we always have a guardian, or many, in the Universe.

I had an experience driving one time. I was on a road trip and it was a very long one. I fell asleep at the wheel. Not just a nod either, I went to sleep. Suddenly I heard a very loud voice that said, Wake Up! I was the only one in the car. When I woke up I was moving fast in the grass beside the highway. My car was about 5 feet from the highway divider. I definitely had somebody looking after me that day.

That was a frightening lesson. Life is quite a lesson isn’t it? Thank you for posting it. So many people have talked about their guardians. They are there for us and if it’s not our time to physically die they do interfere.

BTW, I never made the mistake of driving tired either after that. If I get too tired, I stop now days.

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