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Fascinating! Thank you for sharing this most interesting post!

Interesting! Did I read on FB that you have a chart for members coming? I am interested in this. I know our fingerprints are so different and our hands say so much about us. Even beyond our palms, I can look at someone’s hands and know if they live a life of hard work, or perfect hands, that do not know hard physical work. The hands tell a long story

Yes, you did read that on FB. I got so many emails from the newsletters requesting more member’s only downloads and materials. I’m working on a hand chart that’s easy to understand. You will not believe how accurate it is. I’m making it into a printable chart and I thought it would be fun to take pictures of our hands and see if this chart is accurate for us all.

I should have the chart online today or tomorrow

My friend, Jeff Finley is only able to join us as a guest author at this time. He has obligations in other areas but emailed to say he will be joining as an author and will write something special for Sovereign Abilities soon. Until he finishes his other obligations he has asked me to share his writings.

Vickie, is there a video attached? I can’t get it to play. Could just be my computer.

Yes, it’s a weird video, Jeff sent. I will replace it. It’s kind of hard to play for me too. LOL

I replaced the video with Jeff’s hands showing his lines. That’s all the video really showed anyway.

Very interesting post! One that actually made me get up, turn the light on and look at my hands. Look forward to reading more!

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Wait until I get the new hand chart online. I was blown away with how accurate it is! It’s surprising.

I put a link to download an excellent palm and hand chart above. It’s so accurate and easy to read. I can’t believe how much my hands really say about me.

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