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I’ve been down to this lower end of the astrals and people do manifest all kinds of desires.


Racy! I like this book. I’m really excited to be able to read it in chapters. I have something to look forward to reading when I get home from work. I have read a lot about the lower astral planes. Vickie wrote about it here and I have a friend that talks about it when he goes out of body. My friend says it’s like when you live on earth, you are human and follow the rules, then the lower astrals is kind of just manifesting whatever your heart desires.


Glad you are enjoying it Hector. All the astral planes seem to reflect our needs and desires and each area has its “specialties”. The “lower levels” are a playground for spirits with unresolved obsessions and they are able to stay there until those obsessive activities lose their power over them. Some, of course, want out, but lack the knowledge and/or courage to get away without the help of “rescuers” as described here. Many folks that have come to me for guidance find out they are much more active obe@night that they ever suspected, so after years of hearing this and helping them, I thought to combine several situatons into a fictional narrative.
More to come soon.

Gordon, what an interesting book. A novel about a place you have traveled for years. The book can go anywhere. I really like the first 2 chapters.

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