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“As humans begin to operate from the center of their Points of Existence, they begin to operate from a position of control. They are at the helm, and their choices orchestrate outcomes. No longer do they feel powerless, for they begin to witness their inherent strength.” ~ The Messengers

This message is so important during our current times. There is fear and chaos all over the planet. We really are at the helm! We are sovereign!

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I think people understand manifesting but it’s more than manifesting your path, it’s manifesting “how you go down that path”. We are in more control than people understand. Great Message.

I can relate to this video, Candie. You have a presence about you. I can almost see a glow surrounding you as you speak. I believe the Messengers are there with you during your videos. This message almost feels like it is for me. Thank you!


Hi Candie, welcome to this website. I haven’t posted anything yet but so many people are posting such nice posts here. I loved your message. If I were to ask for the help you talked about should I address them as, The Messengers? Is this the name they have given you? Do I need to meditate on it or how do I do this? I’m so interested in receiving some guidance right about now.


Candie, thank you for those videos. I will start watching them. That’s a lot of help! I am so interested in the messages you receive. I’m kind of glad you don’t have to meditate. I’ve not been able to get very far there, but that’s because I don’t do it everyday. Thanks so much!


I forgot my password. Lol