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Welcome Harris!!! You have me hanging onto every word… I look forward to reading more – much more!


Many Thanks Cari Palmer.

Harris we are so glad you’re here and I love the post. Like, Cari, I can’t wait to hear more! Happy New Year!


Thank you especially for editing this, without your encouragement most likely never happen.

Good to see you here sir! Thanks for sharing this regression.


Thanks Gordon, most welcome.


Subject: Past life regression with carry over problems, US Army.

  Well It worked, I just went back one life to the one causing me the problem,
I started with the visualization in the Meadow, Carlyle and I and another guide,
who I got as Cleo…I thought she said Klingo, but she spelled it as CLEO,(she was Brit) 
anyway we entered the Meadow, I was barefoot as I loved walking barefoot in the grass, to
felt so good, to have feeling back in my feet again and feel the cool soft grass underfoot,
we sat down, no talking just listening to the birds singing, watching the bees and butterflies
flit and fly around, the smell was awesome, new scents of flower blooms, roses, daisies, others
that were familiar, feeling the grass with our hands, sliding our hands feeling the blades
slide thru our fingers, so soft. After a short time Carlyle asked if I was ready and I said 
I was eager to go.
  We stood up and there was a portal like an archway with roses covering
it, Carlyle says that when we enter we will be observing your past life that concerns you
now, you will recognize yourself as it unfolds……for a second I saw nothing, then all hell
broke loose, it was a war zone, people firing, tanks shooting at a distant hill, I was running 
alongside a “US ARMY” tank, I was firing a bolt action rifle as we advanced shooting at 
Germans, or so they appeared, I was keeping up the tank at the right front corner using 
it as a shield to my left so I could watch straight ahead and to the right, people were falling
all around me, bodies on the ground, I heard planes in the air firing, a machine gun, don’t 
know where it was coming from, people yelling, I was concerned because I had a wife and
son back in the states, Indiana, I was 20 years old, scared badly but doing as trained, then
it happened, I was hit by something in the left top shoulder spinning me, I ran forward to try to
keep balance but fell, I looked up as the tank tracks crossed over my stomach and lower
legs, I was still hoping I would make it though. no pain. 
  Then I am standing with Carlyle, we are looking at a young man standing with this rifle….I asked 
what are you doing, he said waiting for my company to pick me up as I am wounded…it was ME! 
I took myself by the hand and said come with me, we are medics, I looked down and we were 
dressed in army clothes with armbands from the medic corp…..then an old ambulance truck
drove up, and he was gone! Finally at last gone to the light! We are back in the Meadow….

  Carlyle says now do you see why you have the problem with back, I said yes but why the 
carryover, then it hit me, I felt guilty for falling in front of the tank, guilty for joining the Army 
and leaving my wife and son at home, guilty for dyeing!! But holding on as I wasn’t sure I died.

  One behind me…Carlyle says there are others but this is main one for my problems, that we 
can do more later. The Pain is leaving now, it left with my other aspect…. emotions are
are so overwhelmed at once when back to C-1. Trying to regain composure, so much at one time, 
so fast. Info overload for me.

  I am still getting info, seeing my wife and child, she is notified of my death, crying with her
mother with her, my son staring, not knowing what to do, about 2 years old. Two solders
talking with her, telling her what happened, saying that I went fast with no suffering.
The car they were in was 40s model 4 door brown car….US ARMY written on it. I moved up
away, knowing that she was taking it pretty good. Its over now for this life. I must have
reincarnated or either we both existed at the same time, I didn’t get a date, never thought
of it. This life started in 42.(present) Now I understand why I joined the Navy in 1960 and
was turned down because of spinal curvature…..already been there, done that! No need for
that experience again. All I can say is WOW!

That’s incredible! You say, “I must have reincarnated or either we both existed at the same time”. I have always understood that we live lives simultaneously. I love this casual drop here where it’s just something you have always known about existing at the same time. We look forward to reading your experiences. Maverick Vardoger wants to put you on his podcast too!

Welcome to SA Harris! I bet you were surprised to be a woman in that past life. I’ve got a story to tell that happened over Christmas. I’m not the best writer but Vicki does a good job editing so I will start writing. Vicki – I want my post to look nice like this post does!


It’s my pleasure to speak without fear of family, friends taking offence to my life’s journey. Thank you very much.

Harris, welcome. I love seeing you on Sovereign Abilities. I can’t wait to hear more from you! Your regression experience was fascinating to read.


Thanks Candie I appreciate that so much.

Emma, keeps staying on my mind. I hope she ended up having some happy times in her life.


Well hope so too. Of note I had surgery in 84 from same thing I had as her, colon ruptured, almost died. My young age helped with Carlyle helping find a doctor.


Vickie my brother was able to read my posts, tho he is basically receptive, he cautioned me that other family members would be able to do the same, they have no acct or log in, my concern about this causing problems in my evangelical family. My question is why was he able to view on a Private forum? Deeply concerning to me. Thank you Vickie.

Harris, this is a website. It’s not a forum. All of our posts go live on the Internet. People can signup using their real name or one they decide on. I can make your posts go private where they are members only, remove it, or you can signup in a name that you decide on and I’ll change this post to reflect your new name. You’ve seen all the other posts from the other authors go live and also be advertised on Facebook. I’m sorry you misunderstood. Let me know what you want to do.


I am what I am, they may have to adjust to the you mentioned about yours also. Thanks