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Welcome Harris!!! You have me hanging onto every word… I look forward to reading more – much more!

Harris we are so glad you’re here and I love the post. Like, Cari, I can’t wait to hear more! Happy New Year!

Good to see you here sir! Thanks for sharing this regression.

That’s incredible! You say, “I must have reincarnated or either we both existed at the same time”. I have always understood that we live lives simultaneously. I love this casual drop here where it’s just something you have always known about existing at the same time. We look forward to reading your experiences. Maverick Vardoger wants to put you on his podcast too!

Welcome to SA Harris! I bet you were surprised to be a woman in that past life. I’ve got a story to tell that happened over Christmas. I’m not the best writer but Vicki does a good job editing so I will start writing. Vicki – I want my post to look nice like this post does!

Harris, welcome. I love seeing you on Sovereign Abilities. I can’t wait to hear more from you! Your regression experience was fascinating to read.

Emma, keeps staying on my mind. I hope she ended up having some happy times in her life.

Harris, this is a website. It’s not a forum. All of our posts go live on the Internet. People can signup using their real name or one they decide on. I can make your posts go private where they are members only, remove it, or you can signup in a name that you decide on and I’ll change this post to reflect your new name. You’ve seen all the other posts from the other authors go live and also be advertised on Facebook. I’m sorry you misunderstood. Let me know what you want to do.

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