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Cari, when you talk about manifesting a place to live I so understand that. I have truly manifested buying some of the homes I have bought in the past. In fact, it’s funny because back in June I wanted badly to move away from Colorado. Circumstances made the move a difficult one. I honestly did manifest the home I live in currently. It is a brand new home and even though I lived far away while this home was being built, my sister emailed pictures every week. I would see myself in every room of this house. I had it completely decorated in my mind. I had created gardens in the yard, all in my mind. This is truly manifesting. You don’t just hope and wish for something, you SEE yourself in it.

Here’s a tip to making manifesting really work; Don’t sweat the details. By details I mean, say the money to buy something, or the distance you would have to go or whatever, those are details. To properly manifest you just use your imagination to see the END RESULTS of what you want to achieve. You let the Universe work out all the details.

I have a little guide called Manifesting 101

If I didn’t have a stack of books sitting on my nightstand I would be tempted!

I think I might have missed this post a long time ago, Cari!

Richard Harris

I’m behind myself on reading, eyesight makes it rough. But I will read even if I have to use a magnifying glass!!

Richard Harris

Law of attraction, works well only believe.

Great post, Cari!