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Keith Gunnell

The author began his lifelong experience in altered states at the young age of three. No one in his family believed in his “dreams” and some claimed that he risked “dancing with the devil. He learned quickly to keep things to himself. When he served in the US Air Force in the 1970’s, his life changed profoundly in ways he could not imagine. As his altered state experiences continued, he was able to deal successfully with some of the worst tragedies that life can hand a person. Though the book has to be classified as fiction, the storyline is loosely based on theses life experiences and everything he learned and what he learned is simply that....our only purpose for being in physical reality is to learn....nothing more.
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Keith, what a fascinating story. Your are a master storyteller!

I completely agree! It’s been a very, very, busy post all day today too!

There is so much happening here. It reads like the most fascinating fictional story ever written… but it was just another day in your life! Crazy!


Keith an exciting journey, I felt as if I was with you at times. Very well presented.


Very interesting. J

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