Cari Palmer

OMG my journey, if only I could put it all into words. I've gone from a card carrying childhood abuse/torture victim... boy did I play that card hard! I left that story about 30 years ago and stepped into a life I couldn't have imagined could be real. The last ten years have been miraculous. I have become a master of living zen like every moment of every day. I haven't felt an emotion less than happiness and bliss for the last 1.5 years. I am present 24/7. This is really a thing! We can go from ego and always in our head to a life of bliss. Moving on with my future, I am here to show the way to others. I've always known I would be someone on stage inspiring and motivating people, I never would have imagined it would be about consciousness!

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I’m so proud of my friend, Cari! She is speaking her Truth. Good for you!


Thanks Candice!!! I can’t hold back any longer… it’s all coming out.

Soooo glad to hear this. Let ‘er rip!

Welcome to the website, Cari! I liked your video. I’m looking forward to hearing more knuggets!


Thank you!!! I’m like a volcano right now… much is brewing and on its way out. ?


I’m glad to hear that, Cari! I really like your straight forward, no frills way of explaining what you believe is truth. I look forward to more videos. I know you and Candie have very good video conversations too on Youtube. Maybe we could get some on the website here. I apologize for the lack of time right now. Life has been super busy lately but I will get in contact with you and Candie and see if you guys are interested and what you want to post and all that. I’m super excited you both joined here. We are really growing and I’m glad you’re both part of our community!

We’d be honored to share our Spiritual Conversations with Cari and Candice here on your website. Cari and I have 20 episodes uploaded with our weekly episodes. They are usually short–less than 15 minutes.

It’s our way of speaking Truth while having a lot of fun in the process.

Cari Palmer

Vickie, it is crazy for everyone right now, I’m sure. Absolutely Candie and I would love for you to post it all! This is why we are doing what we are doing. I feel so … truly at a loss for words… the fact that I was moved to post the video and the fact that you found it and picked it up… it was the connecting us to you that was the gift. Thank you for reaching out. I’m excited to see what we can all put together in 2021!!!


Woohoo! You go, girlfriend!


Hello Cari, Welcome! I really liked your video. It’s the absolute truth that we never die. I’m glad you joined so I can watch all your videos.

Cari Palmer

Thank you! I am recording this week because it’s bursting out of me. Thanks Ailsa! Love your name.

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