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Vickie Acklin

Website Administrator, Writer, Healing Facilitator and a Lifetime Student of Consciousness currently living in Arkansas, USA
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Before finding this today, I was thinking about the repeating dream themes I have, and one of them was being in a classroom setting.


I cannot be entirely sure, even now I may be dreaming.
If you realize during a dream that you are dreaming, you awaken in the dream.
But sometimes I feel a very similar thing during daytime while being awake. If you can have this sort of awakening during waking conciousness, were you “dreaming” before it?

But jokes aside, I mostly had only dream awarness in them. I sometimes think its my brains subconcious interpretation of events that happen while I sleep.

I loved reading this post. I’ve had multiple “dreams” of being in classrooms. I’ve been keeping a dream journal for several years and now it’s close to 250,000 words long.

I’ve had multiple “experiences” and messages about these classroom settings. It’s fascinating that this is a place we often visit while sleeping. But, now, I feel that it’s time to wake up.

Next time you’re in the class, will yourself to open your eyes and then start exploring. You’re likely to see me right by your side!