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This is Vickied, you are distrupting my sleep

It is so far, I enjoyed reading it. I like his writing style too, very eloquent.

I understand what you are talking about.

I feel we are being watched, when out of body, someone takes notes of our experiences and development. Sometimes they come forward in disguises to guide or test us, or to tease us. I have been tested a few times, I realized what they were doing after waking up. They also give us clues in a subtle way, but it takes an open mind, courage and effort to follow them. Like when you recieved the symbol.


I just run accross this paragraph:

“your authentic spiritual allies and teachers come looking for you in dreams — and in the threshold space between sleep and awake.
They even put on masks or costumes adapted to your level of understanding. A sacred guide may appear in a form that’s shaped by your religious upbringing — or in a form that’s wildly shocking to conventional beliefs. As Robert says, genuine teachers often love to shock us awake!
Your encounter with the guide may challenge you to become brave, to move decisively beyond the fear and clinging of the little everyday mind — and to claim your connection with deeper sources of wisdom and true power.
You may find that the most important spiritual teacher you can know is not a stranger at all, but your higher self.”

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That was me I cant log in anymore from chrome.

Ok, I’m in, thank you.

We are in sync,
since the beginning,
but its still a surprise
when syncronicities arise.

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