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An author on Sovereign Abilities currently living in the USA
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Ascension, the post is incredible. I can’t believe you remembered so many details. Your drawing is beautiful. The experience is rich in detail and as I read it I can visualize all you describe. Thank you so much for posting it. Welcome to the website!

Oh yes, we would love more.

Ascension has another post ready with gorgeous hand-drawn art so check back in the morning or check your newsletters.

How interesting this post is! Have you ever been back or tried to? Thank you for posting it.

It’s so nice that you have confirmation. I’ve seen other pictures of those insect ETs and I don’t know if I could sit in the room with them too long either although when I read about them, they are very intelligent.


Well written article on a topic quite relevant to this page.
You bring up a very good point about the several limitations you mention: Sensory awareness, Description (no words to describe portions of the experience) and the nature of mind in altered states of consciousness. I would add to that the obvious; retaining conscious awareness. People fall to sleep when accessing altered states. Takes practice. comment image
I agree completely with your assessment of sensory limitation, and give you kudos for looking into other sense such as direct knowing. Good skill to have. The information accessed in direct knowing often comes to light from the subconscious.
I wonder what your thoughts are regarding the nature of mind?
You write,” On the Astral, the mind can see and hear a vast majority of the EM spectrum. Sound and melodies beyond comprehension, colors we can not describe.
Same with emotions, experiences, sensations… the Astral mind/energy body feels 1000% beyond our physical experiences. The Astral minds process it, comprehend it and we experience the understanding in every cell of our being while on the AP. Returning to physical, the memories of the experience are still there. But words to describe it don’t exist.”
I know what you mean.
I am curious to know 1- What is this “Astral Mind/ Energy Body?” you are making reference to? Do you feel it in your daily life? Is it only something you become aware of in altered states?
Thank you for sharing your experience.

Jackie Burrows

Thankyou precious and future knowledge