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Vickie Acklin

Carmen, thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m so glad you decided to stay in this life. I sure do understand how life can be really hard sometimes. Now you are healing people! I would love to hear more about that. You are now an author on the site!


This is such a sad and happy story. It made me cry. My sister was in an accident and I wondered if she had a choice. She didn’t come back.

Vickie Acklin

Hello Beth, I’m sorry about your sister. Whatever the choice she made was the right one. You can be assured of that. Welcome to the site.

Thanks for sharing, I love to hear about near death experiences, my grandma and godmother both had them. That tall being did he show you something from the future?

Carmen, fascinating post. Do you follow IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies)?

Isn’t it interesting how your life shifts dramatically once you’ve had such a spiritually transformative event? It’s never the same again…and for the better. Looking forward to staying connected with you and your posts.

I was the speaker at one of IANDS monthly conferences last month. Getting to know the people at IANDS feels like a homecoming. Even though I haven’t had an NDE, I’ve learned that many spiritually transformative events share characteristics of NDEs.

It’s fascinating to actually step into the field of the nonphysical. It changes your life and makes you view the world differently.

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