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Vickie Acklin

Website Administrator, Writer, Healing Facilitator and a Lifetime Student of Consciousness currently living in Arkansas, USA
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Fascinating, the story itself, but also the photo, what can I say, he is clearly standing there.
I believe you.
I see some paralells with my story, talking about the afterlife while still alive is one way to open up that connection later.


My grandmother died in a home but we were with her. She wasn’t afraid of death and ready but she had much saddness to leave my grandfather. At the point where she closed her eyes for the last time she was at peace. I loved this article! It gives me peace to know where she went. Thank you for writing this


Hi, I liked this article very much. I’ve never believed in hell but home sounds like heaven. I wish you would post more. Like what happens next please.


Hi Vickie. I like the part where your dad says, home is much like earth except for the drama! ain’t it the truth. looking forward to reading more of your blogs.