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Yes, you are an author! Welcome! I can’t wait to read more. This post is super mysterious to me because it makes me want to know what all those things that go on in the bayou are. I love doing the editing part. I kind of feel like an editor for print. I find most picture at Thanks so much for your excellent post, Johnny!

Welcome Johnny,
blessing food and water, and thanking it is a good idea

Johnny, I wanted to ask about your grandmother giving instructions to the water. Can you tell us more about that? There have been studies done on how words effect rice. Your grandmother gave instructions to the water for healing. That’s incredible! I know water can be structured and then giving instructions for healing to that water is amazing. I watched a true story movie where, in a Nazi prison camp, one of the prisoners was a doctor but he had no medicine. He used water and it worked most times. He gave instructions to the water too.

I was just looking at Marcel Vogel’s methods. He gave instructions to crystals and then spun water around the crystal and could scientifically prove that the crystal did change the water and structure it too.


Hi Johnny, I liked your story.

Johnny, your story makes me want more! I would love to hear more about your, Mama! Good story! Welcome to the site!

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